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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to add a new feature, how could I contact the developer?

Your feedback is always welcomed! Please send all you inquiries and suggestions to

My app suddenly shows "demo team" and my teams are gone. what should I do?

If there are too much data on the device, it may lead to issues writing data to the device. You may recover the lost data by go to setting-> "View Data Auto Backup" to recover the most recently saved data. After that export and clean up unneeded games to prevent the issue from happening again.

I forgot entering a goal. can I add it later?

Yes, you may add it during the game, or in the game summary events after the game finished.

We have multiple coaches for the same team, can we share the same team data?

Yes, you can! The coach that created the team will automatically be a team admin and could upload the team to cloud storage and share with fellow coaches. Team information including lineups, custom formation ( player pictures not included right now) and game history are shared.

Is the app free?

The app is currently free. However, in order to keep maintaining and adding new features the app, some of the features will require a subscription in the future.

Which sports are supported?

Football (Soccer in the US), Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby

I am switching to a new phone, how can I move the data over?

You may share your existing teams to the cloud storage and then add easy team via the generated invitation codes.

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